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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Wetlands of Regional Importance

Jinlong Lake Wetland

The wetland is located in Dawu Township, Taitung County. The water in this lake originates from an underground spring.

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Lioushihdan Mountain Wetland

The wetland is about 800 m above sea level and can be reached by walking 1.2 km from Tungli village at Fuli Township, turning left to the industrial road. The watershed area is around 3 ha and is more than 2 m deep. About 20 years ago, farmers filled the wetland with soils, stones and tree branches and dried out the spring water to plant Golden Needle Flowers. Thus, the wetland's drainage area had shrunk to only 1.5 ha by the time of the evaluation group's field survey in 2008.

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Jhuan Wetland

The wetland encompasses the beaches of Futeh River, Jinmain River, and Tehtsu Estuary. It is divided by Chunglun Bridge: the northern area near Dinpu Train Station is named "Siapu" , and the southern area including the fish pond at Diaobie Bridge, and rice fields at Dajuwei and Wugu is named" Wundi" . The aquaculture business at Siapu was once very prosperous, but subsequently declined due to fish and shrimp's diseases. Thus, these abandoned fish ponds have become water bird habitats.

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Caiyuan Wetland

Local residents constructed fish ponds east of Caiyuan during the period of Japanese rule (1895-1945) and the fish ponds were gradually expanded after 1945. Farmers ceased fish pond farming in 1971. Since then, the wetland has become the best place for migratory birds to winter and rest.

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