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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Wetlands of Regional Importance

Banping Lake Wetland

In 1997, after termination of Banpingshan's mining rights, Kaohsiung City (KHC) Government further requested that the cement company, which had been mining the area for over 30 years, undertake soil and water conservation plans. In accordance with the plan, the cement company has planted vegetation on the hill and constructed five detention and sedimentation ponds of approximately 8 ha in total. Under KHC's new unban management strategy -- "KHC wetlands ecological greenway" -- these detention ponds have become artificial wetlands, serving as flood detention ponds and providing habitats for aquatic insects. Presently, the wetland is managed by Wetlands Taiwan.

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Fongshan Reservoir Wetland

The reservoir was established in 1980. The watershed area is only 3.31 square kilometers, and the full water area is 74.9 ha, deriving mainly from the Tunggung and Gaoping Rivers.
Since the reservoir is usually closed to the public, it is not disturbed by humans. The wetland is a major habitat for wild birds and winter migratory birds; Great Cormorants sometimes number up to 3000 during the winter season.

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Linluo Manmade Wetland

The authority diverts southeast drainage ditch to get water into the wetland with water area about 1.2 hectares and farmers grow aquatic plants such as cattails in the front of inflow.

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Wuluo River Manmade Wetland

The wetland has been designated for water quality improvement and equipped with elements such as a pebble filtered bed and surface flow system. Presently, the wetland is authorized by The 7th River Basin Management Bureau, Water Resources Agency.

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Kanding Wetland

Donggnag River is derived from Da-Wu Mountain and flows to sea at Donggang. The 7th River Basin Management Bureau, Water Resources Agency, conducts straightened engineering and old river channel has become long and narrow lake. Kandelia obovata trees provide waterfowls' refugee in the wetland.

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Pingtung University of Science and Technology Manmade Wetland

The wetland is adjacent to Nieuogiauwun River, a branch of Tunggung River. It was originally a freshwater, aqua-culture pond and gradually evolved into a wetland environment. The wetland has become an extended habitat for Taipei Grass Frog, and the surrounding area, containing bamboo trees, is used for water preservation and as outdoor classrooms.

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