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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Wetlands of Regional Importance

Yiwu Wetland

The Yiwu Farm, covering an area of 400 ha, belongs to Tai-suco. In addition to Baigung River, the Jienshan and Niausong Ditches also pass through the farm.

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Mituo Wetland

The wetland has large portions of public lands and small portions of private land. It is a rare inland-seasonal wetland with major water sources from summer rainfalls and water seepage from Lantan Reservoir.

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Bajhang River mid-stream Wetland

The wetland is located in the middle reaches of the Bajhang River. Every year, a large flock of Black-wined Stilts winters in the wetland.

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Baihe Elementary School Manmade Wetland

The wetland is situated at Baihe Elementary School in Tainan City.

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Chianan University of Pharmacy and Science Manmade Wetland

The wetland is located in the Rende District of Tainan City. This wetland was originally altered from a duck pond. It contains a subsurface flow system, a surface free flow system, and an ecological pond.

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Wetland of the National Kaohsiung University

The wetland is situated west of the National Kaohsiung University campus.

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