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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Wetlands of Regional Importance

Jhubei Lianhua Temple Wetland

The wetland is located at the boundary between Jhubei City and Sinfeng Township in Hsinchu County. The area supports rare aquatic plants such as the insect-eating Drosera indica, D. spathulata, D. burmannii, and Utricularia caerulea.

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Ecological Park of Toucian River

The wetland is located in the Judong section of the Toucian river basin. In addition to providing a waterfront landscape, the wetland’s functions include river management, water purification, and ecological education.

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Jhunan Manmade Wetland

Established by the Public Construction Commission, the wetland is located in Jhunan Township in southern Miaoli County, where Jhonggong River enters the sea.

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Siiangtian Lake Wetland

The wetland is located in Najuang Township, Miaoli County. Within the basin there are terraced fields, surrounded by conifer, bamboo, and mixed forests.

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Danan Lake Wetland

The wetland is located in Nanjhuang Township, Miaoli County, and connects east to Danan Mountain; the lake has an area of 9 ha. Surrounded by Cryptomeria japonica and Cunninghamia lanceolata forests, the wetland contains the fern Blechnum orientale. Rare birds include Crested Goshawk, Collared Scops Owl, Spotted Scops Owl, and Formosan Magpie.

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Dongshih Manmade Wetland

The wetland is located at the bank of Dongshih Bridge, near the edge of the Yuesin levee riverbed on the lower reaches of the Dajia River.

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