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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Dongyuan Wetland


The wetland is situated at Dongyuan Village surrounding by Bojugu Mountain and Northern Mudanpond Mountain.


Donyuan Lake is formed by a water gate in the upper reaches of Mudan River. Due to within the Mudan Reservoir catchment area, rice farming was abandoned, and the land eventually evolved into water grassland.

Ecological resources of importance:

Animals including Hemibungarus sauteri, Deinagkistrodon acutus, Crested Serpent Eagle and Macrobrachium mammillodactylus.

Rare and valuable species:

Deinagkistrodon acutus, Osprey and Spotted scoops owl.

Endangered species:


Other species needing protection and conservation:

Brown Shrike, Formosan Gem-faced civet, Ovophis monticda makazayazaya and Naja naja atra.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:


Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Dongyuan wetland, with forest logging banned and farmlands fallowed, is within water source protected area of Mudan Reservoir.


Dongyuan Wetland

Inland natural wetlands

112 ha

Administrative area:
Mudan Township, Pingtung County Government 120o51'03"E, 22o11'36"N

Legal position:
Conservation area of water quality and quantity

Management Authority/Agent:
Mudan Township Office, Pingtung County Government; Mudan Township Dongyuan Community Development Association