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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Banping Lake Wetland


The wetland is situated between the southeast foot of Banpingshan (Banping Mountain) and the defunct cement factory; it extends south to the alley behind Banpingshan.


In 1997, after termination of Banpingshan's mining rights, Kaohsiung City (KHC) Government further requested that the cement company, which had been mining the area for over 30 years, undertake soil and water conservation plans. In accordance with the plan, the cement company has planted vegetation on the hill and constructed five detention and sedimentation ponds of approximately 8 ha in total. Under KHC's new unban management strategy -- "KHC wetlands ecological greenway" -- these detention ponds have become artificial wetlands, serving as flood detention ponds and providing habitats for aquatic insects. Presently, the wetland is managed by Wetlands Taiwan.

Ecological resources of importance:

A survey by Wetlands Taiwan recorded 21 families and 31 species of birds. Insects include Anisops, Paraplea, Ranatra, Platynectes and Laccophilus.

Rare and valuable species:

Melodious Laughing Thrush

Endangered species:


Other species needing protection and conservation:

Brown Shrike, Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:

We suggest that the authority reconstruct the northwest hill slope in the Nature Park to make it an environmental friendly area from which mammals can easily access the water.

Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Bureau of Public Works, Kaohsiung City Government.


Banping Lake Wetland

Artificial wetland

12 ha

Administrative area:
Nanzhi District, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City 120o18'39"E, 22o41'40"N

Legal position:

Management Authority/Agent:
Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government