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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Linyuan Manmade Wetland


The wetland is situated at Gaoping Estuary; it extends north to Shuangyuan Bridge, south to the tip of Linyuan Levee, west to Linyuan Levee, and east to the Gaoping riverbed.


The wetland is adjacent to Yuanlin Petro-chemical Industrial Park at the west bank of Gaoping Estuary, which is one of the pioneer areas for mangrove restoration in Taiwan.

Ecological resources of importance:

Birds in the wetland include Egret, Common Moorhen, Little Grebe, Great Cormorant, Black-face Spoonbill, and Black-nape Tern. Animals include Uca arcuata, Leiognathus splendens, Nematalosa come, Liza macrolepis, Anguilla japonica, Terapon jarbua and Caranx sexfasciatus. Plants include Lumnitzera racemosa, Avicennia marina, Rhizophora stylosa, Kandelia obovata, and Phragmites australis.

Rare and valuable species:

Black-nape Tern, Common Pheasant.

Endangered species:

Black-face Spoonbill.

Other species needing protection and conservation:


The wetland's current status and potential threats:


Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

The 7th River Basin Management Bureau, Water Resources Agency.


Linyuan Manmade Wetland

Manmade wetland

50 ha

Administrative area:
Linyuan District, Kaohsiung City 120o25'05"E, 22o29'25"N

Legal position:

Management Authority/Agent:
The 7th River Basin Management Bureau, Water Resources Agency