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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Dongshih Manmade Wetland


The wetland is situated upon the right bank of Dongshih Bridge, in the Au-hsin levee basin at the lower reaches of Dajia River from levee stake 0+000K to 0+400K.


Although the government completed "Manmade wetland planning and detailed designing plans at right bank of Dongshih Bridge in Dajia River drain area" in May 2006, and planned to start accepting construction bids, the wetland is still an inland natural wetland at present.

Ecological resources of importance:

According to a 2008 survey by Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance Sub-committee, birds in the wetland include Little Ringed Plover, Pacific Swallow, and Eastern Collared Pratincole; plants include Typha orientalis and Phragmites communis.

Rare and valuable species:


Endangered species:


Other species needing protection and conservation:

Brown Shrike, Eastern Collared Pratincole.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:

Domestic wastewater from neighboring areas flows directly into the wetland without sewage interception and causes pollution.

Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Dongshih District Office, Taichung City Government.


Dongshih Manmade Wetland

Inland natural wetland (designated for manmade wetland)

4 ha

Administrative area:
Dongshih District, Taichung City 120o49'17"E, 24o15'48"N

Legal position:

Management Authority/Agent:
The 3rd River Basin Management Bureau, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Dongshih District Office, Taichung City Government