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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Danan Lake Wetland


The wetland is situated at Pangli Village, Nanjuang Township. It extends east to Danan Mountain with industrial roads connecting to Miao Township Road 124.


Danan Lake covers approximately 0.5 ha. In the past, it was an irrigation source for farming.

Ecological resources of importance:

The lake, a natural wetland, is situated at a hilltop about 500 meters above sea level. Although the wetland is surrounded by farms, many valuable species of wildlife such as Green Pond Frog can be seen in the wetland. Birds in the mountainous area include Spotted Scoops Owl and Formosan Mule Magpie.

Rare and valuable species:


Endangered species:


Other species needing protection and conservation:

Green Pond Frog.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:


Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Nanjuang Township Office, Miaoli County Government.


Danan Lake Wetland

Inland natural wetland

9 ha

Administrative area:
Nanjuang Township, Miaoli County 120o58'35"E, 24o31'22"N

Legal position:
National Scenic Area

Management Authority/Agent:
Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration Office; Nanjuang Township Office, Miaoli County Government