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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Ecological Park of Toucian River


The wetland is situated at upper reaches of the left bank of Toucian River. It extends east to Chudong Bridge and west to Formosa Highway Bridge.


The wetland is located at Toucian river basin at Chudong with many functions such as river management, water purification, waterfront landscape and ecological education.

Ecological resources of importance:

Species of animals include Motacilla alba, Tringa hypoleucos, Black-crowned Night Heron, Little Egret, Black Drongo and Macrobrachium asperulum. Plants include Melia azedarach and Ludwigia octovalvis.

Rare and valuable species:


Endangered species:


Other species needing protection and conservation:


The wetland's current status and potential threats:

Toucian River and its tributary Daping River are lack of flow at the end of winter and may be drying up.

Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Environmental Protection Bureau, Hsinchu County Government.


Ecological Park of Toucian River

Manmade wetland

492 ha

Administrative area:
Zhudong Township, Shinchu County 121o05'59"E, 24o44'17"N

Legal position:
Protected area of water quality and quantity

Management Authority/Agent:
Environmental Protection Bureau, Hsinchu County Government