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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Fataan Wetland (Mataian Wetland)


The wetland is situated at the foothills of Macishan, Kuangfu Township. It extends east to Hua-Tung Railroad; it extends west, south and north to Maci Mountain with Fuden River passing through.


The wetland is the traditional territory of the Mataian people of Yamei Tribe with rich tribal cultural sources such as "palakaw"-the traditional way of fish catching. It is the major habitat for Aphyocypris kikuchii in Eastern Taiwan.

Ecological resources of importance:

Animals in the wetland include six species of Emydidae (three are protected). Among them, Golden Turtle is a rare and valuable species. The wetland is home to 17 frog species, 21 snake species, 63 dragonfly species, 110 bird species, and 90 aquatic plant species such as Nuphar shimadai.

Rare and valuable species:


Endangered species:

Reeve's Pond Turtle, Nuphar Shimadai, Hexacentrus fuscipes and Coptolabrus nankotaizanus. (Hexacentrus fuscipes and Coptolabrus nankotaizanus are listed as endangered or extinct species by Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica). Maroon Oriole, Taiwan Bulbul, Crested Serpent Eagle, Chinese Moccasin, Hengchun Birdwing Butterfly, Jumbo Dragonfly, Cheirotonus formosanus.

Other species needing protection and conservation:

Dolicheulota formosensis and Sauter's Grass Lizard.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:

Since becoming a tourist destination, local land owners have filled spots with soil to establish outdoor classrooms for field trips, which has gradually shrunk the wetland area. Some portions are collapsed and damaged due to lack of proper maintenance. Additionally, the construction of the riverbank for the protection of Matiaan River, which passes through the wetland, mainly uses cement.

Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Gungfu Township Office, Hualien County


Fataan Wetland (Mataian Wetland)

Inland natural wetland

6 ha

Administrative area:
Guangfu Township, Hualien County 121o24'53"E, 23o39'35"N

Legal position:
National Scenic Area

Management Authority/Agent:
East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration Office; Hualien County Government