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Taiwan's Wetlands of Importance

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Haomeiliao Wetland


The wetland is situated at the south-side of Longkong Estuary. It extends north to the south side of Budai Commercial Harbor, south to Homeili Fishing Harbor, east to West Coast Provincial Expressway 61 and Longkong Estuary, and west to the six-meter isobaths off the west coast.


Large amount of sand accumulated in the southwestern coastal area of Taiwan has given rise to shoals of a variety of shapes. Homeiliao shoal is also known as Fuweiliao, since from a distance it resembles the form of a sitting tiger. The adjacent "Meigung Ma-Tsu" of Taisaint Temple at Meigung was a sculptural artifact at the end of the Ming Dynasty. On Jan. 23, 1987, the Executive Yuan approved the Taiwan Coastal Area Environmental Protection Plan (including Northern Coastal Area, Beimen, Janshan, Jiaopang, Haomeiliao), and established Homeiliao Nature Preserve.

Ecological resources of importance:

The wetland's northern border is a navigation route, and fishermen farm oysters in the southern portion. Aquatic creatures in the intertidal area include the "live fossil" Horseshoe Crab, Soldier Crabs, Fiddler Crabs, Shrimps, Geloina erosa, Meretrix lusoria, and Cyclina sinensis. Migratory birds of the Scolopacidae and Charadriidae families visit in fall and spring. Greenshank, Gray-tailed Tattler, Ruddy Turnstone, Little Tern, Kentish Plover and American Golden Plover can be found in groups in the wetland. Rare plants include Eulophia graminea and Myoporum bontioides.

Rare and valuable species:

Little Tern.

Endangered species:

Black-faced Spoonbill, Oriental White Stork, Painted Snipe.

Other species needing protection and conservation:

Brown Shrike.

The wetland's current status and potential threats:

In 1987, the Taiyen cut down a large portion of mangroves. The remaining mangroves have since gradually died due to land subsidence.

Organizations involved in supporting the wetland:

Forest Bureau, Council of Agriculture; Agriculture Department, Chiayi County Government


Haomeiliao Wetland

Coastal nature wetland and small portions of artificial wetland

959 ha

Administrative area:
Budai Township in Chiayi County 120o08'06"E, 23o21'36"N

Legal position:
National Scenic Area, Coastal Protection Area

Management Authority/Agent:
Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administrative Office, Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi County Government